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Responsibilities and obligations

the responsibilities and obligations of the car rental company

first, ensure good performance when vehicles leased, spare wheel, vehicle tools are complete and valid, and car rental transfer to work out;

Second, the vehicle responsible for the provision of various types of insurance, taxes and fees and management fees;

three, responsible for the leased vehicle for normal repair and maintenance;

four, is responsible for the leased vehicle to the designated car repair shop for repair;

five people, assisting car rental deal with traffic accidents and insurance provisions of the claims procedures;

car rental liability of

lessees in the normal vehicle repair, maintenance, inspection and insurance from the rental company. Because of delay in vehicle maintenance or annual review of the lessee, which take full responsibility for the losses caused by the lessee.

during the lease period, the lessee according to the manual of use, operation and maintenance of vehicles. In front of the car, must be examined such as engine oil, brake oil, condensate, and lights, tire pressure, and if problems are found, speed must send leasing company designated repair maintenance, otherwise the consequences


during the rental period the lessee, have an obligation to keep good, using rented cars and related documents, keeping the body clean until returned to the leasing company so far. If lost should immediately inform the rental company and the relevant departments.

attention of the lessee in the lease period car safety

1, the leasing of vehicles shall not be transferred, sublet, sale and ownership of any violations of the lease, such as mortgage and investment company Act.

2, there will be no rental vehicle operations, sports, military, competition, non-loaded inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials.

3, shall not use rental vehicles for any irregularities in the activities.

4, the lessee has run closures, layoffs, mergers or bankruptcy, in addition to leasing companies, other creditors are not competent to deal with rental companies rent out vehicles.

5, without the written consent of leasing companies, vehicle body chartered by the lessee shall not change the color, shape, and shall not be modified or added loading structures.

being the charterer responsible for causing accidents, injury, death, loss and theft, and so on, lessee shall report back to the rental company and support the business compensation fee and damages, as follows:

1, vehicle documents and information such as lossy missing, lost, the lessee shall take the full responsibility and cost, as well as be liable for lost time of the document until all the rent on the date of completion of additional.

2, compensation for accidents the lessee, lessee not provided for payment of insurance companies while the actual costs incurred, heart bear criminal liability for causing the accident.

3, when the vehicle was stolen, robbed, the lessee must bear the excess part of the amount of insurance companies;

some car rental companies also stated in the contract the lessee shall bear the loss back to the insurance company paid for the period before 50% leasing expenses; processing claims the lessee shall submit to the insurance company when the accident proved, reconciliations and book list and related costs, loss of documents,

fill in vehicle accident report form and so on.

after the accident, lessee must immediately notify the proper authorities and leasing companies and protect the site.

lessee responsible for the leased vehicle fuel, tolls, storage fees and other cost.

during the rental period the lessee, rent-a-car accidents, regardless of size, must immediately report accidents to the leasing company, and provide the required evidence.

repair of the leased vehicle if there is no special reason requires factory specified in the leasing company, otherwise the lessee split according to the parts price 2~3 compensation, and shall return the original parts apart, and must bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom.

car rental period, found that vehicles should stop driving them immediately when an exception or failure and notify the leasing company. Meanwhile, leasing company should also comply with the instructions. Due to an irresistible disaster caused by loss of the leased vehicle, the lessee shall immediately notify leasing companies and cars to

repair shop.

all in all, rent a car to do read through the contract, carefully check vehicle leasing company, pay attention to keep the rescue contact phone number and other contact information.