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Hippocampus polymax

Hippocampus polymax
Generous internal space: premarin interior is very common, and if there's one bright spot, it is that amazing interior space. Polymax flagship cars higher than the hip height, and low chassis car sharing, this setting so that any body of people are easy on and off. Middle and back seat are can mobile, and folding, like will front, and middle of seat put flat, all seat can even into a as bed, or will back seat received up hidden, will second row seat folding erected, luggage van volume can by 370 rose increases to 1798 rose; or only folding in the row seat, moments appeared a row table, Office, and dining even game are is convenient. Compared with the 5-seater polymax, 7 polymax last row of seats in accordance with passenger or collapsed or concealed the amount of luggage, just gently pull belt collection, seats can be quickly incorporated into the compartment Groove, and the seating position becomes a flat storage space. Ointment is that the last row seat space is too small to sit the child and placing other items.


    1, daily rent for 24 hours, limit 200 km;    

    2, fuel expenses, traffic citation fees at their own expense.    

    3, 4 hours is calculated by half a day, over 4 hours by day.    

    4, holidays (51, plenary, Spring Festival) price is subject of the day.