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Hippocampus Huan

Hippocampus Huan
Huan's exterior styling is in Italy design IDEA 3 based on the front face of the hippocampus from engineers at auto Shanghai research and development base in the hippocampus, the Chinese design of the body and tail. In other words, in the shape styles, it will be Italy's passion and romance with China Eastern charm and tradition combine together. Sleek and full of ex-faces and hippocampal 30 points like, after all, is from the same platform products. Only slight changes in the details. Iconic final shield grille replaced intranet with a rich sense of movement in the entire grid modeling and grille chrome trim along on the next. Although not many changes, but it gives people a new feeling of joy in the hippocampus, looks richer.

two ridges rather from the a-pillar, across the hood, intersect through the grille in chrome trim under lines shrink cleanly, without excessively bureaucratic, backwards from the front, giving a strong tension. -Gel crystals high brightness lamp using electroplating announce design, crystal clear is there is a God, used double-barrel type bulb, high brightness, capable of providing security during the night or fog. Bumper air intakes look very sporty, two fog lamps ornament worth front reached a good visual balance. Integrated LED rear view mirror is stylish and cute. Side view, Huan is very simple lines, full of curves and sharp shoulders increase the body texture, has brought more dynamic. Starting from the front, with smooth curved outline, from the a-pillar to the c-pillar is becoming a solid, growing in strength at the same time lays out a dome of elegant and dynamic contours. A-pillar angle is large, effectively reducing the vehicle's drag coefficient, and overall looks more taste of the Coupe. Tilt for driver's line of sight, the a-pillars, more or less, have had an impact. Waist line began running through the light body back up, connected with the rear lights, action-packed.


    1, daily rent for 24 hours, limit 200 km;

    2, fuel expenses, traffic citation fees at their own expense.   

    3, 4 hours is calculated by half a day, over 4 hours by day.   

    4, holidays (51, plenary, Spring Festival) price is subject of the day.