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Toyota COASTER, a world-recognized "bus" pronoun, is your most trusted loyal partners in the business.

spacious, comfortable carriages, so  COASTER  looks like a family car. COASTER  has many popular features, pleasant interior is one of the.

in particular retains its strong momentum and overall safety and comfort while,COASTER  shows precise maneuverability. Toyota's engineering technology ensures it will stand the test of time dynamics as well as the overall economy. And noticeable edges in a graceful curve to  COASTER  attention. Its design is reflected in every detail of the design and the perfect combination of features.

economy, luxury and performance match the integrated,  COASTER  to many of today's traffic and attractive solutions to environmental problems. She will enjoy and more efficiency into the manipulation of small passenger cars, Toyota has always been people-oriented.

&Nbsp;   1, the daily 24 hours, limit 200 km;
&Nbsp;   2, fuel expenses, traffic citation fees at their own expense.  
&Nbsp;   3, 4 hours is calculated by half a day, over 4 hours by day.  
&Nbsp;   4, holidays (51, plenary, Spring Festival) price is subject of the day.