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Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace
Toyota Hiace   is Toyota's first front-cab models, its name is derived from "Hi (high)"---high performance and "Ace"---ACE components. This high-end hotel car with streamline high roof and square head design of the atmosphere, smooth and full of sense; strong and wide body, can provide a comfortable ride for the occupants. 05 Toyota HIACE 10 seats and 13 seats to choose from. 13-seat HIACE high roof long wheelbase four-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission, while 10 seats semi high roof long wheel base HIACE is equipped with five-speed manual transmission, adapt to a wider range of business and leisure purposes. Brand new Toyota HIACE installed new 2ยท7 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine, as well as new language of DVD navigation system.

Toyota Hiace  -  designs

in addition to excellence in detail, new HIACE also stressed the overall artistry and beauty. Window after window frame bracket tilted even more minimalist, avant-garde style. Dark gray secret window and hides the window brackets, body side look consistent and smooth, whole car as a whole more coherent nature.

Toyota Hiace  -  space comfort

body design and spacious passenger area with separate seating on both sides of the aisle in the Middle, in order to facilitate the take in and out. All seats for advanced fabrics and equipped with head restraints, each headrest adjustable height, back angle adjustment, seat structure more in line with the body curves, make the ride comfortable. Chair with armrests, taking care of passenger traffic as well as safety when getting on and off.


    1, daily rent for 24 hours, limit 200 km;    

    2, fuel expenses, traffic citation fees at their own expense.    

    3, 4 hours is calculated by half a day, over 4 hours by day.    

    4, holidays (51, plenary, Spring Festival) price is subject of the day.

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