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Forging false documents and even lied to three car

Jinyang News News   two men holding a set of false documents, from three successive car rental fraud and stolen goods at a low price. Recently, two crooks were in Guiyang Yunyan District Court respectively sentenced to 11 years in prison. &Nbsp;

according to the introduction, on July 19, 2006, the Guiyang man Liao Xiang Kooping jinsha and farmers were forged driver's licenses and identification cards. After you pay a deposit of 1000 Yuan, they rent a car from a leasing company worth more than 100,000 yuan, the Elantra sedan.  

since then, both of them owners of forged identity cards and vehicle registration certificate, will drive to teluk INTAN, promised to sell it at the low price of 55,000 yuan local people and receive 20,000 yuan deposit, also agreed the transfer of vehicle ownership.  

on July 22, 2006, the two men by the same means, to another rented a QQ car leasing fraud, cheat at low prices sold 9000 Yuan deposit. A week later, two people cheat again hired a car worth more than 160,000 yuan of hippocampal Mr cars, sold 17,000 trucks.  

surprising is that this false documents used by two Crooks, has three store owner identification, but were not given.  

when two men go on trial in the account, they tried a number of leased line rental, then sell at a low price and defrauding buyers of the deposit. Car buyers urged the transfer of vehicle ownership, they are "vehicle violations did not deal with" for prevarication.  

but on the other hand, two people every few days, use false documents from other rental companies rent, and making up reasons to change back to the previous sell cars, back to the leasing company. So the cycle, removed the East wall to pay.  

two crooks said, lax rental companies to check, is a key reason they have always succeeded.  

yesterday morning, a reporter in North Rui Jin road, Beijing Road, Wen Chang Road North and found the car rental line provided they produce their identity cards, driver's license, pay a deposit, you can easily get the keys to a car.