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Off-site rental car model appeared in Zhuhai

  Reporter Cheng Min   kinds of Xiao-na reports: in Zhuhai, rent a car, drive to Guangzhou airport can spot car; in Sanya, rent a car, drive back to Zhuhai can convenient car. In recent days, with the first nationwide chain of car rental companies in the field into Zhuhai, Zhuhai, a new off-site rental car model appeared, people added a new mode of travel. &Nbsp;

from the Zhuhai urban shops, the car rental company had learnt, the company is a national chain, car rental company, you can offer your customers off-site rental car business. Do not need to provide customers with registered permanent residence, do not need to go through the security procedures, does not need a cash deposit only needs to provide valid proof of identity and a valid driver's license in China, against my credit card to the rental formalities.  

it is understood that the off-site rental car business is very popular abroad, special self-drive tourists of all ages. In Zhuhai, has a number of people began to try the new car rental service. People told reporters that the family planned to rent a Chery to Guangzhou airport to fly back home: "a car for more than more than 100 Yuan, plus the toll fee is cheaper than the few of us, and more convenient. " 

insiders, Zhuhai's rental market has been dominated by local mainly offers car rental, a business long-stay business, less public private short term rental business. Self drive tour market matures along with the PRD, Zhuhai is an important tourist destination in the region, which become the driver of car rental companies into Zhuhai.  

according to the analysis, with the emergence of new models, there will be more and more people can be easier to rent the vehicle, long distance traveling business people and leisure travellers can enjoy more convenience in Zhuhai's tourism support services. However, the local car rental company, foreign companies no deposit free-guaranteed car rental procedures, security is not high can cause cheating incident.