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Malicious car rental car rental

Car rental not, illegal non-treatment, malicious default on rents or rental car mortgaged to others without permission, Xiamen car rental companies have encountered such a malicious act. At present, Xiamen car rental industry is planning to set up information-sharing platform, has records of bad car rental customers will be difficult to rent a car.

according to the developers of the system – extension run computer software development company manager Chen, the platform is completed, some people with bad car rental will be included in the "black list", joined the system of car rental companies can be queries to the relevant car rental records.

"If someone in a car rental company in violation of no treatment, then to his other company car, the system will automatically prompt the customers previous adverse records. "The Manager said, other malicious rental record will be Internet access sharing. If a malicious rental cars of people with an identity card at the same time in several car rental companies rent prior to the development of this system, the car rental companies closed, information cannot communicate, but such systems are established, such rental cars at a glance.

it is understood that at present, the system has been developed to complete, into the early pilot phase, more than 30 companies have joined the information management platform.