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Car rental disorderly competition

Journalists also learned in the interview, now Xiamen after registration in the car rental company has about 130, about sixty or seventy of the genuine car rental companies, a total of more than 1000 films in Xiamen car rental operations. However, such a big business, instead of setting up an association to monitor and regulate.

"in the past, Xiamen car rental companies have a normative level, indicators on the scale of car rental companies: more than 30 cars, 15 parking spaces and 1 million yuan in registered capital. "Guo Tuanjie said, but from 2005 onwards, this provision is breached, now lower the threshold of entering the car rental industry, several cars will be able to set up a car rental company.

in this way, small and medium size car rental companies have emerged, resulting in disorderly competition in the market, prices continue to drop. In 2004, rented a Bora car, rent is about 450 Yuan a day, has been reduced to 380 Yuan has dropped to 300 Yuan last year. However, the cost is not much, so many car rental companies in a difficult situation.

it is understood that Xiamen is car rental first appeared during the early 80 's, but now the first car rental has been diverted to do real estate, logistics and other industries. Current car rental company in Xiamen is basically after entering the 2003 year.

"15 days in a month to rent out cars can barely break-even, 20 days or more will get a little profit. "Said Guo Tuanjie, car rental very seasonal, and don't make much money in a year, if you had any accidents, but also money.

in addition, Xiamen car rental industry now is basically 3 years for a new car, used car prices directly affects the car rental industry's revenues. According to industry introduced, used cars new car price 70% sale to capital preservation, but new car prices continue to drop, used cars is hard to sell for this price.