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Chinese new year car rental boom on the eve of "RAID" car rental market

Town going to reserve a rental car, Chinese new year back home for the new year, call him seven or eight car rental company, has failed to get rental company told Mr Zhang, long before the new year's day, vehicles have been booked out.

the author links the provincial capital of several car rental companies, just as Mr Zhang, Chinese new year most of the car rental period last December on the reservation is completed. Hou Xianbiao Jinan automobile leasing company manager told me early last year after 11, old customers to make Chinese new year car rental deposit in droves since customers to book late last year have basically no car was available, now company Buick, red flags and other fancy cars. Several other leasing companies the situation is probably similar, and very few vehicles have been available for rentals during the Spring Festival.

it is understood that the car rental before the scheduled general section focused on the peak of the market last year for a month, but this year came to, was unexpected by many rental companies. Shandong runhua Manager Zhang Fengzhen said car rental companies, between 51 and 11 last year, the company has a large number of customer cars are not available in case, the previous two didn't rent a car customers have chosen "early start" early next year. According to Manager Zhang, runhua rental companies a total of nearly 200 units of vehicles, now and scheduled out of the more than 150 rental units, according to the current market price, estimated this year's Spring Festival-free car lease consumers are a lot more than last year. According to statistics, the province currently has 29 auto rental company, car rental amounted to more than 800 vehicles, holiday vehicle supply tense situation prevailing in these companies.

Jinan odd car rental company Manager Zhang Ying told the author, throughout 2006, car rental market is not only popular during the holidays, usually rent a car customers also increased significantly, and 70% these are long-stay customers. It is understood that the volatility of market prices, car costs and other reasons, provincial consumer car philosophy began to change, "rents" consumers more and more, they often choose to rent cheap economy cars as daily transport. In this way, can not only save on new car insurance and other red tape, but also don't have to worry about the economic consequences of the car price.