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Xian 29 rent a steam unit was sent off the rental home should pay attention to

Chinese new year approaching, car rental business the most prosperous days, to rent a friend take good care, qualification places with substandard conditions should become the car of the box!

XI car easier for many large and small did not own cars at the moment "as a family." On the eve of Chinese new year   per car;

according to most when I think of addiction, Xian municipal government transportation authorities to four-car leasing, Mazda car leasing 29 bright red car rental units. Their security is not standard or enterprise level, enterprise resources are not in conformity with the relevant technical standards and other reasons, from now on no longer have car rental qualifications.

27 other cancelled all car rental units are located in the XI ' an Wei, Brio, Hua Xin, Sadie, 23, is located in Chang ' an district, on the outskirts of Shunda, Tiida, Tianyi Li yida, Shun and car rental companies.

industry insiders remind friends who wants to go to car rental, be sure to carefully understand and view the rental car company's resources, licenses, avoid misunderstanding, to bring their own losses.