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May wish to rent a car holiday

"Chinese new year car rental home, don't have to go to crowded train cars", today it has become more and more travel destinations not too far from the public mind. With the Spring Festival approaching, people rent a car began rising, most of the car rental company started accepting reservation of the city, car rental market is hot again.

xinpu district sea Chang road a car rental company of Dr Miss introduced, they company of vehicles main to Poussin, budget car mainly, price most concentrated in daily more than 100 more Yuan, "due to is Festival during, rental customer more to public go pro-friends and the short holiday mainly, so budget car will became main force, rental term also General more long, to 7 days to 10 days mostly, a two days of bulk rent rarely. ”

other car rental companies in similar situations in the city, economy car rental hot, Regal and other high-end cars and commercial vehicles are relatively quiet, some rental companies even customers for long term rent 50 Yuan a day preference.

military road in eastern city said a car rental company, car rental before the Spring Festival people of mostly foreigners working in the city, as people bought tickets during the Spring Festival travel season, they may also choose to rent a car to go home for the new year. Also wanted to travel the city during the Spring Festival, they want to be able to drive to bring friends and family together, went on holiday and leisure. There are also many citizens had just got his driver's license and hope during the Spring Festival, rent a car, to improve driving techniques.

people in the industry say, and according to the usual practice, the car rental market in short supply before the Spring Festival, especially now that many long-term rental car users, still many businesses before the Spring Festival, most continued to extend the lease time. Half a month before the Spring Festival peak all major car rental companies will usher in the lease, lease prices also appear certain to rise.