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Clean up car rental car rental prices likely to rise

Chengdu began a massive cleanup to car rental industry, rental prices could therefore rise. Municipal Committee Office yesterday (27) announced today in city passenger vehicles lease special clean work without record for road transport card and vehicles will be banned in the rental market.

two years neglect car rentals a bit of a mess

City make Board make tube at people introduced, Chengdu city car rental industry had has had up two years of "management vacuum", led to today problem piles: has absorption private car affiliated foreign rental of; has incorporated over provides years of line car run business of; even has travel agency violations used rental car received shipped tours team of, not only effect has market business order, and exists major security hidden.

why "management vacuum"? The original, released in 1998, the provisional regulations on the management of the car rental industry clearly by the management of the transport sector is responsible for the car rental industry, launched in 2004 by the People's Republic of China regulations on road transport, without "car rentals" make any provision. After two years, did not have the relevant administrative regulations. Based on this, the municipal Committee Office, stop all the car rental business, the city's more than more than more than 100 households and more than 2000 car rental rental car, is still head of State within two years.

strictly control the access to rental vehicles must be filed

Sichuan province, according to the amendments to the regulations for road transport, passenger vehicle lease back into the transportation industry to implement records management. Municipal Committee Office reminders after the leasing industry in the trade and Industry Bureau for business license, must also be to the local road transport authority record. In addition, also for road transport card for the vehicle.

it is learned that the municipal Committee Office during the period from September 1 to November 30, to the city's centralized record passenger vehicle rental management industry door, access and leased vehicles. Without record for road transport card and passenger motor vehicles, are not allowed to engage in leasing activities.

according to relevant regulations, car do not use affiliated car and off the car in leasing activity; do not use rental vehicles in operating transportation; provide driving services shall not be provided to the lessee or disguised, and violators will be severely punished according to law, and so on.

car rental will have more impact in trouble

"no link? The car down for at least half of the Chengdu. "Yesterday, the sands near the station, a car rental company owner Mr. James Shaw said with a wry smile," small car could not keep so many cars are private link to support. "Mr Shaw also believes that car driving services is provided, primarily in order to ensure vehicle safety, prevent rental scams. According to reports, the Chengdu disposable car by a man with a fake ID fooled 4 cars, so the company was almost bankrupt.

as now provided to the lessee shall not provide driving service, how to ensure automotive safety? Mr Shaw said, then had no choice but to let the tenant pay the rent and deposit. In order to ensure vehicle safety, car rental not only with ID card, residence booklet, before the title deed to mortgage, drivers in the field must also provide the city's guarantor. In a Word, rent will be more trouble in the future.

at present, Chengdu car costs about 200 Yuan/day of ordinary cars. After related regulations, industry analysts believe that the price could rise, but just how much remains to be market rose.  

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