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World car rental giant, China

World car rental giant, China

United States, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hertz international company  CraigKoch , Mr  12  said, Hertz car rental company attention and good China market.  

  has a  87  year old Hertz   (Hertz)   is currently the world's largest car rental brands, Ford Motor Corp to operate a car rental business of multinational companies, and also the world's largest car rental company. Have all over the world  150  more than  7000  more car rental outlets, fleet size by more than  60  million.  

  Group's SCAs in anhua vehicle services limited in  2002  the beginning of United States Hertz Corporation signed an agreement, the official brand of Hertz car rental business in China, after three years of development, the business has made considerable progress. Up to now, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin has established branch companies and car rental outlets. Hertz will expand coverage nationwide car rental network.  

the Hertz, Chairman of visit's main objective is to understand China's car rental market, Hertz business cases investigated, giving franchisees more support and guidance and further explore cooperation model that suits China.