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Three "warm" stir hot capital of car rental market

Holidays is booming, a winter essential "defunct", which is a common vehicle lease market in Urumqi in previous years, but this year many car hire company's business did not decrease as temperatures drop.

"the company has more than 30 cars long, more than 10 cars, the rest of the car on the weekend, been rented out. "December 18, beetle, black car rental company officials said during the winter before, company car rental rates are generally only 40% to 50%, but this winter is almost 70%, in late November after the first snowfall appears, order the number of customers has improved.

far car rental Manager duoergong introduction, the company has more than 100 vehicles, have rented out 70 to 80 per day, monthly growth in business volume last year. In his view, the rental prices fell sharply, the rental market expanded and there is no car rental promotion of passion is blowing hot car rental market this winter three "warm". Leasing companies play in the winter prices, is also a factor in attracting customers.

with the increasing of car rental companies, starting from two years ago, car rental prices in Urumqi began to show a downward trend. Shaping the way car rental company says Li Ming, Xinjiang, two or three years ago, Passat, dabieke models, such as the rental price is about 500 per day, fell to 380 Yuan/day this summer, the winter price to 280/day.

it is understood that the car rental business is very simple, customers take security deposits, rent, ID card, residence booklet and other documents, just more than 10 minutes away from a satisfactory car rental company rented.