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New year's day short driving heat

"January 1 from Zhangzhou starting, to Dongshan, tour National 4 a, level tourist area wind moving stone-the-the Tower Yu scenic (Tongling city, and Temple, and wind moving stone, and stone monk Burj Tower, and Tiger Kong drops Jade), and maluan Bay scenic, and widow village Gallery, live Dongshan, 2nd to ZhangPu, tour days Fu tea Museum, and days Fu ' Tangshan had Taiwan ' stone Park, then return. Do you have to? "Before the road trip enthusiasts or network issue with messages like" hero "to find like-minded people during the new year's holiday keepback your escapades.  

new year's holiday for 3 days, long-distance travel impractical, so people tend to your excursions, local tours, or getting around. Self drive tours with "independent" route and the "adventure" stimulus is widely popular. Urban couples choose to Chen to Dongshan and ZhangPu of driving, including beach waves, barbecue, Sun, tea tasting and other leisure activities, they say: "we don't have to hurry and cursory, relaxed returned the next day, can do a day of housework. " 

in fact, some car, self-driving tour amateur GF "Heroes" collection personnel and finalize course, will join hands with travel agencies, pay the appropriate fee, by the travel agent to provide food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and other services. According to several travel agencies in the urban area revealed they received before new year's driving service subscriptions. From the line, mainly of ZhangPu County lines, Higashiyama line and Red Tour 2-3 day tour in changting County line. They reflect, limited time new year's holidays, in particular, caught in the "foreign section" between Christmas day and the traditional Spring Festival, Christmas in the city had enough Spring Festival family reunion or go out traveling, so choose short distance driving on more than new year's day. Particularly around the city day trip, returned home tired and without the provision of accommodation, which is very convenient.  

but for people who have a driver's license but no car, through rental, new year's day 3 days can still enjoy the fun shuttle between landscape of self-driving tour. Reporters from the urban East long gardens in the vicinity of a number of car rental companies learned that as early as 3 days ago and have seized upon one empty. However, reporters calculate, new year's rent a car to travel, rent and gas bills, tolls and other cost is not small. But going to Quanzhou driving Xu said: "we had 6 people together, we said implementation of the AA system, average is good. "He said, along the way all-wheel drive, not dull, both practice driving fun, it is fun.