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Foreigners want to find Yiwu Yiwu rental car guarantee

This month, the Ministry of public security of the motor vehicles and drivers of temporary entry regulations into effect. Under the new rules, overseas driving licence holders as long as participation in the local traffic safety laws and regulations, to receive provisional drivers license, driving vehicles. Yesterday, reporters learned from the number of car rental companies in Yiwu, the car rental company or identification is not certified, the foreigner in Yiwu rental cars on the road, Yiwu local warranty. New rules to facilitate foreigners drive  

Yiwu DMV Deputy Director Wang Zhen told reporters that implementing the new provisions, is to give the foreign driver's license holders in domestic cars with ease. Currently Yiwu foreign had reached nearly all men, amidst of overseas tourists to visit Yiwu and, yearly increase in foreigners, for the convenience of travel, many foreigners will have to stay in Yiwu rental self drive idea.  

yiqian, foreigners holding a foreign driver's license in Yiwu, valid driving license, must pass the theory test, making them great inconvenience. After the implementation of new rules, as long as these foreigners participate in studies of traffic safety laws and regulations, you can obtain a prescription for a maximum three-month temporary drivers permit in Yiwu self-driving cars on the road.  

is convenient to obtain temporary driver license procedures, foreign personnel as long as their passport, driver's license (if both documents in Chinese, need to produce translated texts), residence permit, and two one-inch color photo and fill out a "provisional driver license application form".  

Wang Zhen introduced temporary motor vehicle driving license expiry date, generally on entry and exit ID and motor vehicle drivers consistent endorsement of the permitted limit of due dates, but do not exceed a maximum period of three months, and can't extend the validity period of the provisional driver license. Rental cars need to find local security  

introduced by China-Africa Trade Association office in Yiwu, Nigerian businessmen to visit Yiwu market Jude holding a national driver's license, I heard that after the implementation of new rules, plans to show temporary motor vehicle driver's license, and then rent a car hit the market. New evidence not available, car-rental company's responses disappointed him: want to rent Yiwu, must have provided proof of residence to guarantee a unique.  

yesterday, reporters rent a car who consulted the Yiwu jishun, obliging and Cheng Cheng and several car rental companies. Companies said that no matter what country the foreigners, regardless of what kind of driver's licenses, Yiwu local security. In other words, even though foreigners have a new interim driver license, Yiwu people found with local household registration certificate provides rental guarantees.  

the industry believes that car rental companies only locally, and deny certificate practices, the reason is to avoid risk, local household registration address, the car in case of accident compared to find the person responsible. However, this approach is not conducive to the healthy development of car rental, Yiwu, if foreign investors do not have a local friend, rent no car at all; for short visits to Yiwu or investigate the market for foreigners, have permits to rent his car, was quite upset about it.  

  Jude agreed that the Yiwu market oriented degree and higher, more and more foreigners come to Yiwu, as marketing services, one of the car rental industry, is also the change of the old "norm", expanded service oriented degree?