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"Long term car rental, than to buy a car"

Not long ago, passenger car rental business in Taipei City Association of 20 representatives of the 12 companies came to Beijing, and Beijing car rental industry conducted in-depth communication and exchanges. Can be learned from talking to both sides, and related materials, Taiwan's car rental industry started early, starting point higher, at present there is a momentum of vigorous development.

Taipei passenger car leasing business Association chairman Lin Shunde, said Taiwan car rental business was born in the early 70 's of the last century. At present, the 23 million people of Taiwan has 820 car rental companies, a total of 88,000 cars for lease. Remove individual overlapping calculations and business enterprises, at least over more than 600 car rental companies in the running.

trade association role into full play, is Taiwan in more than 30 years to promote the healthy development of the successful experience of the car rental industry. Taipei passenger car leasing business association has held 12 sessions to the General, statute of the Association has carried out 13 times. Consists of a number of professional Committee of the Association, run membership sites, often organized for Member of foreign relations, exchanges of experience, business seminars, lectures, and welfare assistance and other activities. In 2001, the tour of investigation in Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, held seminars, provides advisory services to Taiwan businessmen entering the rental market in the Mainland. At present, members of the unit had grown to 211, and has been rated as top social groups.

more than half a century ago started with the textile industry of Taiwan and six enterprise groups, in order to comply with Taiwan socio-economic fluctuation and enterprise demand for cars, and private car leasing company limited was established in 1997, mainly tailored for enterprise programme and sell the brand-name cars such as Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Renault.

usually, buying a car is one of the many companies spend big. Faced with the fierce market competition, more and more business owners began carefully. They are international famous Enterprise for reference years of car models, resulting in a "car leasing" needs. It is against this background, Van Hoa rentals actively promote "long-term renting makes more sense than cash purchases" of new ideas. In their view, long term rental cars advantage: saving costs, cash flow, this does not affect the loan amount, no equipment, eliminate risk, avoid a deterioration of financial ratios and so on. For this reason, Van Hoa rental focus provides businesses with 1 month to 5 years of car rental services.

compares the use of funds from business users, cash purchases by cash in a lump sum, increase the debt ratio, not conducive to the effective use of funds. Long-term car rent is paid monthly rent, rents are fully reimbursed for expenses, 25% operating income tax deductible; monthly rent with 5% of sales tax, deductible monthly sales amount in the balance sheet to reduce the debt ratio to improve fixed asset turnover. In other words, Van Hoa rentals offers long-stay service, is in the Intelligent Finance for the enterprise.

from the perspective of vehicle maintenance, long-stay convenient maintenance, warranty and 24-hour emergency assistance services, and also enjoy the leasing company during the maintenance period provided by scooter. Cash car maintenance costs is difficult to control, only 2 years 50,000 km warranty, vehicle no vehicle is available during the maintenance period.

from a management perspective, long rent needs set up by professionals, saving both cost and simplify accounting jobs or dealing with problems of the old car. Cash car buyers generally are required to assign individuals to the day-to-day management of maintenance, repair, inspection, insurance and other miscellaneous matter, increases in wages and increases the difficulty of management.

from the insurance perspective, various insurance costs included in the rental of vehicles, such as mandatory liability insurance, third party liability insurance, loss of passenger liability insurance, car insurance, theft insurance, or "drunk driving risks". Long term rent car accident, the leasing company specializing in handling, and provided free scooter at the same level.

headquartered in Changhua City Pony Car rental group, which owns 4 companies in Taipei more than more than 10 cities with dozens of car rental outlets. Pony group was Taiwan's first own brand, multiple car rental companies operate, Taiwan more than other car rental industry is modeled on the company's business model.

Pony Car rental company Chairman Huang Guocai, said company specialized, dedicated service. Longer tenancy lease, short lease, rent, hire-purchase instalments, etc.

pony group has a courtesy car, cars, travel, cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles.   The largest network, the highest insurance, minimum rent is a small group of outstanding characteristics. For example in respect of rent discounts, even rent more than two days started to offer; faculty credentials will enjoy discounts; special, different alliances and using a credit card, are also discounted.

Taiwan car rental industry is "economical, convenient and safe" services, so that more and more companies agree with "long-term leasing is better than buying a car," the truth, the big emerging markets, contributed to the car rental industry to thrive.  

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