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Eight experts give you a raise, suggested

Through improvements in vehicle power system, changing driving habits, attention to care and maintenance can increase your car's fuel economy. Fuel consumption problem is not an isolated problem, it is closely related to vehicle performance.

owners should be flexible to apply fuel-saving tips, must not the blind pursuit of fuel economy. Experts teach you the 8 tips:

1. put the car in a working state

If your car is obviously unstable or excessive exhaust, commissioning or maintenance in a timely manner, after the repair of the vehicle reduces fuel consumption.

2. periodically check the replacement air filter

replacing a failed air filter can reduce fuel consumption. And a clean air filter can better protect your engine.

3. keeping tyre pressure in the normal range

keep tire air pressure is in the normal range helps to improve fuel economy.

4. no need to take down items from the car

45  for each additional kg weight would increase automobile fuel consumption of about 2%.

5. avoid rough driving  

frequent acute acceleration and braking can seriously affect the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Fuel mileage rough driving units, compared with the highway was about 33%, compared with City Road was about 5%. Please note that smooth driving and pay attention to avoid the traffic jam section.

6. speed

in a State of economic 90  km/h while driving increase fuel economy by about 10%.

7. avoid unnecessary idling state

idle state without state consume more fuel, so when you need to wait for a long time, please turn off wait.

8. grade

at an appropriate speed conditions, the selection of high-grade driving, engine speed will be reduced, and can help you save fuel and reduce engine wear.