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Car troubleshooting tools

For emergency treatment can guarantee the fault yourself, General vehicle should be equipped with the following tools:  

(1) wrench   metric wrench size for 6-24mm open ended spanner, glasses wrenches, socket wrench and set inch wrench (with inch screws models) size is 7.3975mm,11.1125mm,12.70mm,14.2875mm,15.875mm,17.4625mm,19.05mm,2.25mm, you also need to adapt to the model of wheel bolt socket wrench, spark plug wrench, Adjustable wrenches and pipe wrenches.  

(2) screwdrivers   screwdriver and Phillips screwdriver, each to complete large, medium and small size 3.  

(3) pliers   equipped with the top clamp, for ease of working, needle-nosed glycosides and nippers can also be considered.  

(4) plug   to measure the spark plug gaps, electrical contacts and valve clearance.  

(5) wire brushes   used to remove rust, mainly used to clear the battery electrode columns and battery cables clamp surface rust spots.  

(6) Jack   lift.