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Three methods of domestic small-car fuel economy

&Nbsp;     approach: installing fuel-efficient fuel circuit. Experts say when oil is fuel-saving device, the magnetic splitting catalyst broke up long alkaline fuel molecules into shorter alkaline molecules, makes the fuel burn rate higher. In this way, it can save fuel costs 10% 5%-; eliminating engine carbon and make the life of 1.5 million kilometers; engine power output more stable; reduce harmful exhaust emissions by 20%; purchase of equipment costs about 1500 Yuan that vehicle fuel savings of 37,500 kilometers, to recover the investment.

option two: motor oil fuel-saving technologies. Can using used "liquefied metal" material and unique formula of added composite anti-mill agent, not change original lubricants characteristics, to original lubricants for carrier, will "liquefied metal" particles with to metal friction surface, generated permanent automatically repair curing film, avoid has engine in cold up moving moments on parts caused of wear, to extended engine of using life; also can using super long life oil filter network. In addition to the adsorption filter fuel, lubricating oils in the engine cylinder combustion releases harmful substances against engine and adsorption of moisture out of the fuel and lubricating oil, can effectively maintain the viscosity of oil, improving fuel quality and delaying aging oil, fuel saving rate up to 5%-10%.

option three: automobile thermal insulation. Configuration with high heat insulation properties of a variety of automotive glass membrane, such as heat-reflective film, metal film, spectrally selective metal membranes, spectrally selective ceramic membrane, especially useful in long summer in the South, can reduce 5-10 degree temperature inside the car can reduce the air conditioning load and fuel consumption, extending the life of in-car air conditioners. Purchases auto film about 1000-2000 Yuan, 0.25 to recoup investment, save every 50,000 kilometers direct costs 2000 Yuan.