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Drive Mondeo fuel tips

Just after the new year, I chose the Changan Ford Mazda Mondeo 2.0 elite, its manufacturing process and safety in cars are legendary at the same level.

first month, Mondeo became my means of transport to and from work. I work at fuxingmen, lived in Tuan Jie Hu. This month, my gas mileage in km 11 oil.

can you adopt fuel-efficient driving habits? Through a wide range of understanding, I found that fuel consumption with road conditions, weather, and associated factors such as driving habits.

since then I try to avoid peak traffic to and from work and the city loop, and select the easy path that connects the city arteries. While driving, I try to avoid getting too close to the vehicle, smooth acceleration and braking; highway driving at 90-100 km/per hour fuel consumption rate of the economy. In addition, do not put the engine in idle state for a long time.

Finally, there is a problem not to be ignored, in the case of temperatures should avoid using the air conditioning because air conditioning systems can increase fuel consumption of the engine range. Beijing, October temperature morning and evening is cool, car air conditioning do not open.

now, my Mondeo, fuel consumption per hundred kilometers in about 10 oil, and when they buy a car sales person told me digital, overall it is acceptable. Buy a car, after all, more focused on factors such as performance, quality and security, not just fuel, and in these areas, in the country, the award-winning Mondeo both inside and outside the natural advantages of other models than not.