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Conservation of refrigerating air conditioning

Many owners found an increase in the fuel consumption of the car in the winter, and mistakenly thought it was opened due to heater. In this regard, the auto expert pointed out that auto air conditioning fuel consumption than when refrigeration in heating, heater open the increase in fuel consumption is very limited.

according to experts introduced, summer we often started air conditioning compressor to refrigeration, and compressor of running need by fuel to provides energy, so directly caused fuel volume of climbed; and winter open heater Shi does not started air conditioning compressor, we feel to of heat actually is car engine release out of heat, in fan of role Xia, heat through air conditioning out outlet was release to car within, on can let car class within warm up. Although the rotation of the fan consumes some electricity, thereby indirectly increasing the fuel consumption, but with cool in the summer when compared to this consumption is negligible.

experts also reminded vehicle owners that winter to regular use of air conditioning and refrigeration mode, this is because the air conditioning and refrigeration systems such as long time idle, moving parts will be "killed" phenomenon, caused the starting resistance increase, also dried up the shaft seal and adhesion failure, resulting in leaks. Therefore, the winter maintenance of auto air conditioning refrigeration system it is important to start one to two times a month, and during the drive to open about 10 minutes at a time, in order to avoid significant loss of evaporator, compressor.