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Chassis rust to do plastic

Chassis is auto parts besides tires closest to the ground. Vehicle while driving, flying gravel on the road against the chassis, chassis original rust-proof layers have been destroyed, the metal exposed. Day after day, year after year, one day we will find the chassis has been riddled with problems. And chassis damage will further threaten other parts of normal use: damaged steering, oil spills, chassis deformations ... ... The resulting. Facing the trauma of chassis, we should yell loudly: my chassis, I call the shots!

care about the car sealed plastic chassis

while driving at high speeds, will greatly increase the impact of sand on the vehicle chassis, and small sand like a sharp knife cut chassis, the formation of scratches and spots, may also make the chassis in serious deformation, leakage, exhaust leak, loss of steering, brake failure, and so on. In addition, water, acid rain and snow-melting agent erosion chassis, so the car should the car chassis plastics.

now there are some cars in the factory has been sealed plastic processing, whether plastic is good judgment: plastic chassis with a layer of plastic stuck under the car, with a touch of his hand, flexible felt no sealed plastic chassis, touched the plate is hard.

chassis armor with more confidence

How to further protect our car chassis? Professional has introduced the most popular chassis protection measures? D? D chassis armor.

"the chassis armor", which means chassis fitted with sturdy armor. And in fact, it is currently the only way to protect the automobile chassis exposed parts. Professional chassis armor is a special type of elastic colloid material coating on the chassis of the car, chassis and wheel above the site totally encased, its natural protective layer formed after the consolidation of the chassis, you can reduce the debris impact damage, corrosion and rust. In addition, the chassis armor can also play a role in better sound insulation. Chassis armor dedication is obscure and rarely seen, but after we finished our chassis armor has an obvious feeling is quiet inside the car.

"the chassis armor" are premium cars, but in China for only a short time, drivers know less about chassis care knowledge. Experts tell us: at present there are two main types of material used in chassis armor, resin and paint quality, quality differences, the price is far.

is in need of attention, chassis armor as an engineering service projects, must be carried out by professional personnel: four wheels must be removed prior to construction services, chassis and thoroughly cleaned gelatinous material in the process of consolidation can be harmful volatile gases, no protective measures on operator health. Meanwhile, colloidal materials need to be in accordance with the consolidation of several distributed over the surface of the chassis in order to achieve the consolidation of thickness, really have any chassis armor effect.