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How to calculate fuel consumption

Vehicle fuel consumption during the winter summer spring and fall season will be higher, mainly because of the winter fuel hot time caused by increased evaporation performance, higher fuel consumption is mainly caused by air conditioning in the summer. In addition, in city driving fuel consumption will be higher than the suburban, this is because the average speed in the city is generally low, with long waits, no increase in oil consumption, but mileage. In fact, after sale maintenance and alteration of the climate than the vehicle itself. For car owners, in the test is not of a failure of the computer might as well some basic checks, because the condition of the spark plug is generally not available through the computer tests to check it out.

in addition, the method for calculating fuel consumption can use light test when you drive to the fuel warning light comes on when the single gauge odometer back to zero, there is time to refuel after does not matter, has been driving again after 30km 40 l, to the next light travel mileage and measurement can accurately calculate fuel consumption per hundred kilometers. Because come on 40 liters of 30km fuel consumption when compensation does not come on, so when the lights will return to zero, till the next time to zero.