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Must-see vehicles need to know a few things

Many owners say that this car just like raising a child, finally getting a real, natural conditions within what is best. Car wash service and maintenance, ground, ground up and meticulous, do all the "caring" is valid for the car? Auto repair experts advise riders don't car not turned into disaster.  

simple hot car can also have the mystery  

you mention "hot car", and maybe the most drivers will be dismissed. Hot-who wouldn't? But some people seriously, one question "now that the weather is hot hot car how long it will take the right, is the low temperature car longer? "Summer heat for 3 minutes, that winter and heat for a few minutes? Was hot-car time with temperature changes? Santana heat 10 minutes of others, my car is Audi, whether she was not hot for so long? Is the longer the hot car, the engine better?  

gardens auto repair engineer Lee told reporters that hot is not the length of time of the car, but the car idling, and cars old and new, high and low temperature did not matter much. Car started idle speed at 1000 rpm and back down to 800 RPM will be ready to leave. Original hot cars is a good thing in favour of automobile engines, especially in winter the outside temperature is low, is all the more necessary to heat the vehicle bus. Some older drivers think, can also drive slowly in a hot car. But "hot car" is not something for granted, not immediately after the car started driving, because the car started idle is quite high. Right thing to do is to let the vehicle in the case of natural idle until the water temperature begins to rise, the idle speed returns to normal levels after the start.  

impatient owners don't step on the Accelerator can shorten the preheat time, instead, blow air throttle disturbing dreams do not say, and rapid engine wear, not only oil, damage to the engine was also great.  

wax is most suitable for the two or three months time  

some car owners to washing and waxing the car, just like eating chewing gum, think again, fashion beauty of women owners especially like car wax. Many people think that cars often sparkling beauty will make their car more.  

takeoff McManaman Hou manager told reporters, after frequent washing the car likely to cause rust, especially the floor, doors and other parts at the bottom, causing rust rot. Street car washes reuse water and cloth carrying sediment will scratch the paint. So if the car's appearance was not particularly dirty, car wash, not too often. In addition, frequent waxing it brings about paint fading the original brightness. Is the most appropriate approach, once every two or three months to call car wax, waxing decontamination capability is a good choice when moderate and no car wax containing abrasive substances.  

high grade gasoline spending too much  

gasoline grade, the higher the better, love the new car, two years to the car and 97th gasoline. Recently attending a car club event, Zhang knew that high gasoline label on the engine and no special benefits, I spend a lot of money for nothing.  

"good horses make good" this is right, but also to comply with the appetite of a horse. All land managers think that the car service centre, ordinary car owners know if long-term use of luxury cars with low grade gasoline, in addition to knock out, also, such as power, oil consumption rising, problems such as internal engine parts damaged severely shorten engine life. Therefore, many owners would rather good don't overcharge, like using high standard oil. In fact, car marking not the higher the better, even luxury car does not mean that you must raise standard oil. 93rd oil engines hard to 97th with oil will appear "delay" phenomenon, phenomena of incomplete combustion appears to pollute the air.  

need a good horse often "walk the walk"  

due to the rapid rise in oil prices, combined with the parking place is hard to find, many car owners usually go to work by bus travel is driving only for weekend or vacation. Also some people in order to extend the life of car, do not use do not use it as much as possible, thinking that the Government can reduce the friction loss. In fact, cars holidays bad for your car is no good.