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Maintenance car of the 10 tips

Here are some car tips, introduced to the reader, I hope to help the owners.

Tip 1: how to remove wiper vibrations and noise. Each joint with a pliers and clip the rubber down the gap.

Tips 2: how to prolong the service life of the lamp. After buying the car or replace with new bulb, bulb with alcohol wipe again to remove fingerprints and grease.

Tip 3: how to reduce tire noise. Stick the front wheel on the inside of the shield on a black felt cloth or flannel (realized after the rain under your tire noise small, car wash get bigger, because the inner protection plate on the mud sucking noise).

Tip 4: how to eliminate uneven tyre wear after the noise. Four wheel alignment, balancing, find a bike, borrow or buy a wood RASP file, will tread the rough local file doesn't work.

Tip 5: how to prolong the service life of the silencer. A small holes in muffler below the lowest point. The reason is very simple: water corrosion.

Tip 6: how to start fast speed. In vehicles no-load or load less of situation Xia, directly with II block started (without worried on vehicles lossy, because a block gear and clutch device is by overload situation Xia design of, and most car a block for two block not smooth), rushed to 3000 turned above Hou quickly push into three block, again rushed to 3000 turned above, then General car will behind Yu you has, calmly of switch four block, and five block, also can directly for to five block (applies Yu Highway pay Hou), and does not increased fuel consumption. To give it a try.

Tip 7: simple start the car shake in the morning. Bad because individual cylinder, valve closed lax, high speed running is a way (Silver), also available on the third or fourth speed high speed runs a little longer (gold), as well. If the heat does not shake, but shift is not smooth (hand), then there may be fuel injector fuel irregularity, needs testing, cleaning.

Tip 8: how to prevent the antenna was stolen. Unscrew the antenna, head painted with strong adhesive silk, tightened, the effect is very good.

Tip 9: how to brake when vehicle an easy ride. Control wiring harness plug unplug the ABS pump can be up and plugged in, does not affect the normal use of time to the depot to eliminate fault codes.

Tip 10: how to place infrequently but have to carry things on the car. Just ask the spare tire opens the trunk, there is the largest compartment.  

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