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Standard car wash 9 step 25 minutes

No rules, no standards. Currently car wash process does not have a uniform standard, however, Sichuan province, according to the automotive service Association-related charge, general reference in the industry at the moment is the European standards of car wash. Reference to European standards for car wash and automotive service industry association, Sichuan province, Chengdu city, has unveiled a car wash industry standards, the Chengdu car wash industry service standards were standardized, car wash market is no standard has been changed the status quo.

according to reports, the refinement of the standard must be completed over more than 20, summed up the nine steps:

first step, remove the car floor mats into the dryer dry after cleaning;

Second, clean the body with water cannons, cleaning from high to low, pressure is not higher than 7MPA, using the dispersing mist water cleaning and before the entire vehicle, infiltrated with centralized water after washing;

the third step, using water cannons to spray the chassis, the threshold between gap and wheels at the top is not easy to clean sludge, tyres and car crony of the lower half of the body mud and gravel sections, using professional breakdown equipment breakdown, avoiding harm car paint;

fourth step, to vehicles Shang wash car liquid, General is with neutral wash car liquid, with a brick size of new sponge dipped wash car liquid wipe a circle body Xia skirt side, with sponge another side wipe four a wheel; for a sponge, dipped another a detergent, wipe a again full car glass; again for a sponge, dipped new of detergent wipe a again body paint surface.

the fifth step, SOAP to clean off with a water cannon from the top down, especially the "health corner", such as the mirror slot;

the sixth step, body in towels, chamois Polish, wipe the different parts, with separate towels;

the seventh step, car cleaning and foot pad cleaning;

the eighth step, clearing the trunk;

Nineth, tire care for dry wheel tires coated with protective film. According to the nine standards program, washing a vehicle should not be less than 25 minutes.