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Jetta car troubles and solutions

The Jetta's fault, damage analysis and repair prices available to everyone, when we fix the car for reference.  

replace the shock absorber buffer block

symptoms: according to statistics Jetta damping system failure rate is high. In a car during road conditions because the Jetta sedan pressure bearing cracking damage, severe wheel misalignment, controlled performance. Back cushion block after damage such as driving on a bumpy road, instantaneous ground clearance is too small can cause body detachment.

address: driving 50,000 kilometres to maintenance and repair.

price: replace the bearing pressure reduction before time was 48/a, materials fee is $ 75/a. Replacement cushion block after hours fee is $ 33/a, 40 for materials (OEM)/a.

cleaning the throttle body

symptoms: Jetta 5V throttle half electronic. 20000 kilometers or so, due to air quality problems, intercepting valve collects a lot of dirt, when dirt accumulated to a certain thickness, the engines will be started traveling block, phenomena such as stalling, throttle body needs cleaning.

solved: after cleaning set standards can be achieved through a computer.

price: cleaning throttle work costs 80 Yuan, material costs 18 Yuan.

replace spark plugs

symptoms: spark plugs and poor work environment, does not replace the spark plug if long, when you will feel when driving the engine underpowered, come on slowly, and so on.

Solution: you should be checked to the repair shop to replace the spark plugs.

repair price manufacturer requirements change spark plugs every 30,000 km check. Replace spark plug 5V hours costs 7/a and materials 9/5 v models. 7/2V models work, and materials 9/2V models. Carburetor models time 3. 5/a material charge 5 Yuan each.

four wheel alignment

symptoms: the angle of the wheel alignment and suspension system components, if positioning values accurately, the controllability of the vehicle is reduced, when the vehicle is turning, it will feel heavy and less sensitive.

address: deviation when you find your car and tire wear when debugging must be timely to have a qualified repair shop repairs.

price: four wheel alignment time for EFI models 160 Yuan, the carburetor model 140 Yuan.

cleaning nozzle

symptoms: as containing impurities in gasoline, so that these may be attached to the injector needle valves. When motor weakness, trembling, work is clearly unstable, exhaust, and serious engine will not start.

Solution: you need cleaning nozzles and carbon at the top of the combustion chamber and Pistons clean. General requirements for vehicle cleaning once every 20000 km.

price: cleaning fuel injector time is 52. 8 Yuan/time, material costs 68 Yuan per bottle (650ml).

replace the outer CV joint and outer CV joint boot

symptoms: as the Jetta sedan is a front-wheel drive and independent suspension, front-wheel-drive wheels and a steering wheel, outer CV joint and boots in a variety of stress, damage can occur in the use of damage we can see with the naked eye. Because on the outer ball cage covered in a sticky ball of oil. Dust-proof cover is damaged, outer ball cage will soon be covered with sand and dust. It could accelerate damage to the outer ball cage.

Solution: when the outer CV joint fails, the owner must make it to the repair shop to check and replace.

price: replace the outer ball cage time is 53/a, materials for 440 Yuan/month. When you replace the outer CV joint repair contractor costs 53/a, material costs 76/a.

replacing the timing belt and tensioner

symptoms: the Jetta is a timing belt timing transmission mechanism of transmission, service life is shorter, for example, Jetta 5V, 8 to 100,000 kilometers timing belt has not been replaced, aging belts, belt tooth loss can occur, resulting in engine piston valve.

Solution: in order to avoid causing huge loss to you, please check and replace a timing belt on time.

price: maintenance work on the project 5 v models for 119, 5 v models for materials for 850/set. 2V models work for 111 Yuan/sets, materials fee is $ 332/set. Carburetor models work for 80 Yuan/sets, materials fee is $ 108/set.

replace the valve cover gasket

symptoms: in high temperature and harsh environment, the seal between the cylinder head and the valve cover gasket? D? D valve cover gasket extremely easy to aging, causes oil seeping out, external engine which has caused a lot of oil.

address: then you are best to repair and change your oil seal. When replacing the pads, to the pad painting special sealant to seal long.

price: maintenance of the project costs 40 Yuan/Jetta carburetor models work and materials for 49/. Only 2V models work for 66 Yuan/material fee of 49/. 79/5V models work and materials for 94/.

replacement hem arm ball joint

symptoms: Jetta hem arm ball head life expectancy of 4 to about 60,000 kilometers, it will directly affect the vehicle's comfort and safety. If you slow the car while driving on a bumpy road surfaces, steering wheel uploaded "click, click" different sound, then it may be your car's tail-arm ball joint loose.

address: hem arm ball joint damaged need to be replaced in a timely manner, or at high speeds in the gap between ball and ball-and-socket directly endangers your life.

price: maintenance work on the project fee is $ 33/a, material fee of 531/a.

  ???? Replace the air flow meter

symptoms: Jetta equipped with 5 v engine, the engine is the amount of air inhaled by the air flow meter to measure. Jetta 5V car air flow meter are particularly vulnerable to damage. Damaged, vehicles accelerated weakness, belching black smoke, unable to run to maximum speed and so on.

Solution: only keep the low dust content in the air entering the engine, can extend the life of the air flow meter.

price: replace the air flow meter work fee of  48 Yuan/only, material costs 500 Yuan/only.

Note: above prices unless otherwise indicated, are original genuine parts, price is for reference only.