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Fuel system cleaner needs attention

Friends many owners do not pay attention to the fuel system maintenance, do not know fuel system cleaner can cause hazard. Confidence classic auto repair center experts today on the need to introduce fuel system cleaner.

q: why there are sediments of the fuel system?

a: the formation of deposits and fuel has a direct relationship. First of all, the car itself contain colloid, impurity dust, accumulated in the fuel tank, inlet pipe forming sludge deposits; and secondly because of olefins in gasoline and other volatile components under certain temperature oxidation and polymerization to form a gelatinous and sticky of resinous material. Stay thick in the injectors, intake valves and other parts, burning sediment becomes hard carbon deposits. Traffic jams and cars often at low speed and idle state, but will also increase the formation and accumulation of sediments.

q: fuel system cleaner which endanger?

answer: first, the sediments can clog the injector needle valve, the valve hole, affecting the performance of electronic fuel injection system for precision parts, resulting in decreased performance. If the carburetor engine, sediment accumulation especially around the idle Jet in the carburetor and cause the engine to idle speed unstable, prone to stalling and increases fuel consumption. Second, carbon deposits formed in the inlet valve, resulting in lax close the cylinder pressure drops and even temper, leading to engine idle speed is not stable, increases fuel consumption and associated emissions worse. Again, the deposits on the piston crown and cylinder head hard carbon deposits such as location, easy to make part of the combustion chamber heat, gasoline fuel, causing engine knock fault. In addition, it will shorten the life of the catalytic converter.