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To inflate the tyre should pay attention to what

Owners themselves to inflate the tyre must pay attention to security. First is the need to be cleaned, filled in the air may not contain moisture and oil in case of tire rubber deterioration. Inflation should be wiped dirt from a valve, do not loosen the valve core, inflatable is finished, apply SOAP water paint on the valve, and check for leakage. If it is just used vehicles will be made after the vehicles are parked, tire cooling after inflation, because when the vehicle, tire temperature rises, the pressure would be affected. When gas should not be excessive too much then gas, nor go out not charging and charging too much for a long time, such as excessive overstretch will lead to too much cord, will affect the life of the tire. Remember that whenever you want with a pressure gauge to check the air pressure, so as to avoid inflated too much tire burst, resulting in unnecessary danger.   BACK