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Vehicles leaking oil, beware

In the use of vehicles, oil spills often occur, it will directly affect the car's performance, results in wasted lubricant, fuel, consumes power, affect vehicle appearance neat, cause environmental pollution. Due to reduced oil spills, engine lubricating oil, leading to poor lubrication of the mechanical parts, insufficient cooling, it will cause the early damage to parts, and even accidents.

common causes of vehicle oil spill

1. Products (accessories) poor quality, material or workmanship, design problems. 2. Improper Assembly, part mating surface is not clean, liner breakage and displacement operation specification or is not installed. 3. Uneven fastening nut, sliding off buckle or loose open loss leads to failure. 4. Sealing material after long-term use of worn, aging deterioration or deformation. 5. Lubricants add too much fuel, oil level too high or a mistake. 6. Parts (cover, thin-walled parts) engagement surface deflection, shell damage, make the oil seeps. 7. Vent-plug, check valve blocked, due to the case of internal and external air pressure difference, often lead to weak seal leaking.

vehicle oil spill prevention measures

attention gaskets gasket between the auto static parts parts play a leakproof seal. In materials, production quality and the installation does not meet the technical specifications, it will not seal leak or accident. Oil pan or valve covers, because the contact area is large and difficult to compact, resulting in oil spills. Cars of various types of fastening nuts are in accordance with the prescribed torque tightening loose not tight gasket leak; tight makes metal around the hole raised or slide the threaded screw caused oil spills.

timely replacement of many parts oil seal failure the car (such as oil seals, o-rings) will install the wrong, bearings and oil seal edge misalignment, deflection and oil leakage. Some oil seal used for too long will lose its elasticity due to rubber. Found the leak should be updated in a timely manner.

avoid check valve, vent valve blocked which can lead to elevated temperature in the tank shell, oil and gas fills the entire space, emissions does not go out, increased pressure in the tank shell, oil consumption increased, and shortening the replacement cycle. After the blockage of the ventilation system of the engine, increasing the resistance to motion of the piston, the increased fuel consumption. Due to the case of internal and external air pressure difference, often lead to weak seal leaking. Therefore it is necessary to make regular inspections of vehicles, dredging and cleaning.

proper settlement of all kinds of pipe joints sealed with Union nut is often disassembly, easy slide broken buckles and loose, causing oil leakage. Replace the Union nut, grinding method is used to resolve its Cone, nut clamping solution sealing.

to avoid oil leakage wheel bearings and wheel hub cavity too much lubricant or oil seal Assembly inappropriate, poor quality and aging, caused by frequent braking wheel temperature is too high, will lead to wheel axle nut loose, oil. So to use "cavity lubrication method (that is, adequate lubrication)" clear the ventilation holes.