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How to fix wiper fault?

Winter snow if driving in the snow and wipers failed to do? Tells you to find a way:

the technician told us: wiper structure is very simple, mainly a brush and a motor, failure is rare, even if it fails to work, mostly because the fuse burned, just turn on the fuse box, taking the wiper fuse for a new can. Fuses are mainly divided into two types: glass tube fuse and fuse. When chip fuse, if there is no change, happened to be driving in the rain, can be replaced by other secondary line fuses, for example using Horn fuse, the fuse can also use headlights during the day. Glass tube fuse burned after withdrawal, in addition to the above workaround, but can also use foil instead of a cigarette (must not be replaced with aluminum foil), outward-foil, can work around the glass tube several times.

other methods include:

1, on the windshield put a layer of SOAP, typically three, 40 minutes of clear sight lines, and can also put SOAP on the rear window, improving the situation of poor rear view.

2, when a failure occurs while the wipers, SOAP can give us a helping hand, but sometimes the car not have SOAP, also may not be able to get near. In that case, if the opportunity of picking cigarette butts at the roadside, and painted on the windshield coating can also solve the problem.

3, if the cigarettes are hard to find, there is a trick, it is on the side of some slightly thicker, higher water content of leaves, crushed later painted on the windshield, can still work.

wipers are made of iron skin, rubber sheets, inserted at the end of the rocker arm in an embedded manner, so a long time, Wiper Blade will fall, resulting in direct conflicts at the end of the rocker arm windshield not only scrape clean rainwater, it can scratch the glass. Both fall out of the wiper blade at the same time this is not a lot, if the Wiper Blade off of the driver's seat on the left down, right passenger side Wiper Blade can be removed and installed to the left side and then finding a wrapped cloth wipers to the right of the head, or just remove the rocker arm to avoid scratching windshields.

worth noting is that windshield's role is very important, it will not only protect the safety of drivers, blocking dust, rain, sand and high speed winds, but also allows the driver to see clearly the road ahead and ensure traffic safety. In addition, the windshield material more brittle, as long as the surface is scratched, lightly touch it will break, so take care, can't scrape. Perhaps scratch the windshield wipers of dust on, it will form on the windshield glass of fine lines in car at high stroke speed, these small scratches can cause the windshield broken, windshield burst incidents on expressways is this tiny scratches to blame.  

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